About Us


We are a family owned centre with Early Childhood Educators ranging from studying Certificate 3 and Diploma to qualified Bachelor Teachers. We have provided quality care and early childhood education for generations of families and will continue to do so into the distant future.

We believe that through play and being challenged, engaged and motivated, children learn best. Our learning spaces are designed to inspire children’s imagination and sense of wonder with a natural outdoor play area featuring a large climbing turtle, bike path, decks shaded by Tuckaroo trees and garden areas for that peaceful place to sit.

Our early education centre encourages risky play, using open ended resources and our environment. Our learning environment is designed to encourage the children’s imagination and help create the conscious notion of independence as well as group collaboration and consists of a large climbing turtle, bike path, decks with large shady trees and the incorporation of garden areas for that peaceful place to sit.

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to evolve our outdoor environment to better suit our children and encourage the best learning experience.

Every child is different and we encourage children to express their individuality and explore new and different activities and experiences to help broaden their knowledge.


  • We provide a nurturing family atmosphere, valuing each family’s knowledge, input and involvement.
  • Our staff have a diverse skillset, ranging from specialist Educators to qualified Teachers.
  • We are continually building on our own understandings and practices.
  • We develop, foster and nurture children’s individual identity, wellbeing, community, connectedness, communication and learning skills.
  • Within our environments, children are engaged, challenged and motivated through play-based learning.



Play is the highest form of research.

A. Einstein

Coral Coast Early Education

25 Kathleen Dr.
Innes Park QLD 4670

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