(1-3 years)

a toddler playing

Our energetic educators in our Whales room ensure to provide quality education through play based learning and hands-on interactive activities to develop the beginning of literacy and numeracy skills while continuing to build on their social interactions. Our Educators know the importance of building on the children’s language skills (both verbal and non-verbal).

By providing an education learning program designed on each child’s own stage of development, our educators ensure the children begin the process of developing their own individuality. Helping to create independent, confident, happy and social individuals.

  • Our Educators develop social and emotional skills while introducing routine to our toddler’s day.
  • We encourage healthy eating and community at mealtimes, supporting self-help and hygiene skills to increase children’s growing independence.
  • Our Environments are designed to enable children to learn through discovery, creativity and exploration, enabling natural and meaningful progression between each child’s individual personality and sense or autonomy.
  • We provide Breakfast, Morning Tea, Afternoon Tea, and snacks when needed.  We also supply other products including nappies, wipes, insect repellent and sunscreen.